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Accounts Receivable Overview

Keeping your accounts receivable at the lowest possible level is vital in today's competitive business environment.  Reducing the time spent in collecting past due accounts will enable your credit department to make more contacts and improve cash collections.

Answers provides you with the information needed to collect accounts quickly and efficiently. Detailed customer credit information is available on demand through dramatic screen displays and comprehensive management reports.

Up to 99 lines of notes can be displayed on a customer account providing valuable information on previous conversations with the customer.  

The status of current open orders is displayed in detail to answer customer inquiries.   Detailed customer invoice information can be displayed  instantly.  Copies of old invoices can be printed, faxed or emailed on demand to the customer directly from the computer.

Dramatic color graphs of customer sales information can be displayed instantly. Customer statements show detailed aging of individual unpaid invoices.  Answers even ranks your customer accounts by sales and gross margin performance so you can see at a glance how well your relationship with each customer is proceeding.


  • Invoice copies and customer statements can faxed from the computer directly to your customer.

  • UPS tracking numbers are shown on customer invoice history displays.  The tracking number can be used to track the customer's package on the UPS web site with the click of a mouse directly from Answers.
  • Up to 99 lines of conversation notes can be stored for each customer account.
  • Customer order status is available immediately.  Purchase order information concerning special customer orders is available to answer your customer's questions.
  • A turnaround document requesting revised shipping dates for customer special orders can be automatically faxed to your vendor from the customer order status inquiry.
  • Customer sales and gross margin analysis for 24 months can be displayed.  Answers will automatically graph this information into colorful 3-D graphs for your analysis.  
  • Answers allows future dating on selected invoices for preseason purchases. 
  • Customer accounts are ranked on a scale of one to five by sales and gross margin.  The rank is available on a screen inquiry or report. 
  • Customer reminder information along with past sales activities can be displayed while a salesperson talks with a customer on the phone.  A reminder report by salesperson can be printed by date range helping your sales people manage their sales activities.  Credit managers can also use the reminders to assist in collection follow-up and they will be kept separate from salesman reminder information.
  • Detailed customer aging reports are available on demand by customer, salesperson or business type.  Account aging information can also be seen on a screen display.
  • A "Hot List" report points out problem accounts based on your own aging and balance criteria.


Key Accounts Receivable Features

Credit Management Workcenter

Customer Notes and Ordering Information

Deferred and Equal Payment Terms

Detailed BackOrder Review with Purchase Order Expediting

Credit Reference Request Form and HIstory

Form Letters Integrated with Microsoft Word

Invoice History View / Re-Print

"Hot List" Report

View Accounts Receivable Screens