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Accounts Payable Overview

With Answers, your company can maintain tight control of all your vendor invoices.  The system provides instant access to any vendor's account balance and supporting detail.

Cash requirement reports are available to provide you with projections of cash needed to meet liabilities on dates you define.

Vendor discount amounts are calculated automatically when you enter an invoice in the system. 

Invoice totals are compared to  purchase order prices as invoices are entered into the system. Any discrepancy between the invoice prices and the purchase order prices can be quickly seen on a screen display.

A buyer or other authorized person can adjust the purchase order price if desired and all general ledger and inventory amounts are automatically updated based on the new cost.

Several methods are available for check writing from selection of each invoice to be paid to automatic payment of all invoices that are due on a particular date. 

A disputed invoice can be put on hold and a check can not be written for the invoice until the invoice is approved for payment . 

Remittance addresses different from the local vendor address can be printed on the check.

With  Answers, vendor questions can be answered quickly and easily helping you to efficiently manage your cash investments.

Answers has a comprehensive vendor returns system which assists in the shipping and tracking of returns of merchandise to your vendors.  


  • Cash requirements for user defined periods are automatically calculated by Answers and printed in detail for analysis.

  • Payment selection can be made by invoice or by due date.

  • Discount dates and amounts are calculated based on vendor terms.

  • Vendor accounts can be setup in the invoice entry program when an invoice is encountered for a new vendor. 

  • Recurring monthly payments such as lease payments are entered by Answers.

  • Manual checks written outside the system can be entered later and the information merged with checks written by the system.

  • Answers has a comprehensive check reconciliation subsystem for balancing bank statements.

  • Purchase order receipt totals are automatically compared with invoice price totals with discrepancies noted when invoices are enter.  A special display screen with purchase order pricing assists in finding and adjusting the discrepancy.

  • Answers provides an analysis of the sales performance of each vendor's stock on displays and reports for vendor evaluation.

  • An immediate check can be written by the system as you enter an invoice.

Key Accounts Payable Features

Immediate Check Printing from Invoice Entry

Automatic Invoice Cost to Purchase Order Cost Comparison

Recurring Invoices

Check Reconciliation

View Accounts Payable Screens