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How Can Answers Help Me?

Data Resources Corporation is a software development company that has provided distributors with data processing solutions since 1981.  We offer a full complement of products and services that provide our customers with highly successful computer installations.


Software Development

As software developers, we are able to insure that Answers continues to contain "state of the art" features needed by today's dynamic distribution industry.  Aided by our specialization in distribution and valuable input from our customers, we constantly update Answers  with new features and technology to insure Answers retains its position as a premier distribution management system.


Annual Software Update

Each year Answers customers submit enhancement suggestions for Answers.  These suggestions are included on a ballot where our customers vote on the enhancements that are incorporated into Answers each year.  Our customers love the opportunity to be directly involved in the future of Answers.


Qualified Personnel

Our personnel have years of experience in system design and software development.  The same people who write our software also support our customer so you can be assured of knowledgeable help if you have a question.


Customer Training and Support

With your new system, you will receive web or onsite training to insure that you realize the maximum benefit from Answer's valuable features.  You will also receive on-line help in each Answers module and access to our support web site where you will find a wealth of information.


In the Future

After your system is installed and running smoothly, we'll be there when you need us.  Whether it's telephone support, training of new personnel or consultation on future needs;  we have the staff with the qualifications to assist you in every area.