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Executive Information Center Overview

The Executive Information Center is the central work area for business owners and office managers. 

Designed specifically for the business owner and office manager, this program provides current, real-time financial information, real-time bookings and sales opportunities, critical backorders review, salesperson performance, vendor analysis, inventory movement, and past-due accounts receivable details.  Multiple branch companies can use the Executive Information Center as a branch or warehouse management tool, viewing only the information pertinent to each particular branch.


  • Easy, one-click access to your real-time Income Statement.

  • Current, real-time bookings details easily sorted by salesperson, operator, and warehouse location.

  • Sales Opportunities detail so that you can review the progress of converting quotes into sales profits.

  •  "Hot List" Customer and receivable balance information.


  • Critical backorders review.


  • Salesperson Performance monitor with a detailed Profit and Loss statement by salesperson.


  • Vendor Performance monitor so you can easily see on-hand inventory, sales, turns, and purchasing by vendor.


  • Real-time Financial Position lets you see your up-to-date cash and inventory forecast effortlessly.


  • Quickly review daily, month-to-date, and year-to-date sales and gross margin dollars.



Key Features

Real-Time Bookings Information

Sales Opportunities Review

"Hot List" Customer Information

Easy, One-Click Income Statement

Vendor Performance Detail

Salesperson Profit and Loss

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