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How Can Answers Help Me?

How Can Answers Help Me?

Answers can help you:

  • Maximize inventory by identifying fast moving items.  Streamline the purchasing process with interactive buyer's screens that display dramatic movement history at the touch of a key!  Easily fax or email purchase orders and expediting forms directly from Answers.

  • Reduce accounts receivable with customer hot lists that reveal delinquent customers.  Instantly retrieve customer invoice copies on your display screen.  Fax or email customer invoice reprints while you are talking with them on the phone.  A customer reminders report assists in important collection follow up.  Order entry will check each customer's credit before processing customer orders.

  • Obtain timely financial analysis with up-to-date business information in key areas.  This valuable information is available daily.  Extensive financial statements are provided weekly or monthly.

  • Evaluate vendors with valuable information on each vendor's contribution to your bottom line.  Identify product lines that will help your company grow. 

  • Increase sales with the help of extensive sales information presented in colorful sales graphs, display screens and on reports.  Track and compare each month's sales and gross margin versus the same month last year instantly on your display screen.  Evaluate product line, salesman and customer sales information quickly and efficiently.

  • Improve customer service through fast order entry, consistent pricing and extensive information retrieval during order entry.  Inquiries displaying the status of customer orders are available to answer questions immediately. Easily email customers from the customer inquiry screen.  Provide UPS tracking information to your customers with instant access to the UPS web site from the customer invoice history inquiry.

  • Provide clean, easy to read screens making Answers a very user friendly system. Operator keystrokes are reduced to a minimum and enable fast data entry.  You can move instantly from one module to another with the touch of a key.  Related information for certain master files such as inventory is neatly concentrated in one program making information retrieval fast.

  • An ODBC option is available which enables you to use popular Windows programs such as Crystal Report Writer or Microsoft Excel with Answers in a Windows network.

Key Answers Features

Email / Fax Forms Directly

Tasks Reminders

Archived Reports Management

Electronic Document Management

Automatic Vendor Price Updates

Vendor Catalog

Customer Web Order Entry

RF Bar Code Integration

Instant Messaging

Integrated Online Help

Online Credit Card Validation

ODBC Compatible