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Inventory Overview

Managing inventory is one of the most important challenges facing your business today.  To effectively control your stock levels, you need information that will help you make the right decisions and a buying system that is efficient and easy to use.

With Answers, you will have the tools to make sound decisions quickly and efficiently. Answers will provide you with information needed to make better purchasing decisions. Answers anticipates needs and enables you to buy the right quantities at the right time.

With Answers, you won't be reacting to order points; you will be managing your inventory. 


  • Inventory turns, service level, order point, safety stock and action level are automatically calculated by the system.


  • RF bar code units can be used in stock receipts, physical inventory and order picking.


  • Immediate access to each item's manufacturer's web site is provided on the inventory inquiry screen without leaving Answers.


  • Brochures, parts lists, drawings, owner's manuals can be attached to an item from a scanner or a file such as a PDF file.  These objects can be viewed from the inventory inquiry program and emailed or printed on demand.  Brochures can be emailed with a quote to your customers.


  • Price files provided by vendors can be loaded into Answers, and item cost can automatically be updated when vendors have price changes.


  • Complete vendor catalogs can automatically be created from vendor price files and stored in a catalog file adjacent to the inventory file.  Item information can be retrieved from the catalog file into sales orders and quotes with current pricing information from the vendor.


  • Selling prices are optionally calculated by multipliers based on cost markup or list mark down.


  • Purchasing to selling unit of measure conversions are performed by Answers during stock receipts and conversely during purchasing.


  • Detailed sales history is maintained on non stocked items in the same manner as stocked items.


  • Last, Average, FIFO, and LIFO costing methods are available.


  • Answers informs a buyer when to review a vendor's line and suggests a purchase order for approval by the buyer.


  • Extensive sales history by month, lead time history and service level calculations help the buyer in the decision process.


  • Special emphasis is placed on the purchasing aspect of inventory management.  The system performs calculations that help a buyer decide what, when, and how much to order.  Answers makes these calculations based on stock movement history combined with "state of the art" purchasing techniques.


  • Striking screen displays of customer open orders and back orders, vendor purchase orders, stock movement, serial number history and purchasing information are instantly available to provide immediate answers to important inventory management questions.


  • Detailed inventory transaction history can be displayed or printed providing chronological transactions that affect item quantity levels.


  • Customer stock numbers or competitor's numbers can be used to cross reference your stock numbers.


  • A detailed reel inquiry shows how many feet of a product you have on each reel in inventory.


  • A complete physical inventory subsystem is provided including count sheets and variance reporting and adjustments.


  • Serial numbers can be tracked for all or selected inventory items.


Key Inventory Features

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Electronic Vendor Catalog

Electronic Brochure and Document Management

Physical Inventory Sub-System


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