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Order Processing Overview

Answers Order Processing provides fast, efficient processing of customer sales orders.  Answers Order Processing is very fast making it ideal for counter point of sale or phone order entry.  Customer invoice history, open quotes can be accessed from the sales order.  Items can be retrieved from vendor catalog files directly into the sales order with current cost information.

Customer quotes can be faxed or emailed with attached product brochures.  Invoices can be printed or emailed or faxed to your customers.

Answers includes a real time web order entry program that can be inserted into your web page.  If you host your web page, your customers can enter sales orders into your system with their pricing and current item availability.  These orders can be reviewed by your personnel before final processing if desired.

Orders are priced automatically according to flexible discounting policies.  Answers calculates and accumulates sales tax for different tax jurisdictions.

Credit card orders can be processed from each pc without entering the information in separate credit card machine.

Orders can be picked in a real time RF bar code terminal to insure accurate order picking.

Answers interfaces with UPS's Worldship system to provide instant tracking of customer shipments from the custome

EDI orders can be read into Answers.  Quotations can be prepared quickly and faxed or emailed without leaving Answers.  After customer acceptance of quotes, the quote can be turned into an order without reentry.

Contract pricing and tracking make it easy to process large blanket contract orders.  Customers can even use their own part numbers when ordering from you and Answers will cross reference your part number.  Orders can be entered quickly and with minimal effort.  Item notes, related items and invoice history are shown during order entry.


  • Quotations can be faxed or emailed from the computer and tracked on reports for follow up.  They are transformed automatically into an order when accepted by the customer. 

  • Orders or quotes can be entered on an outside salesman's laptop equipped with a wireless broadband card.  A salesman can enter a quote in the customer's office and email it instantly to the customer's computer across the desk.

  • UPS's Worldship system obtains customer shipping information from Answers and sends back to Answers the shipping charges and tracking numbers for each order.

  • A salesman's work center is provided for each salesman showing open orders, back orders, open quotes, invoice history, customer buying pattern analysis, customer ranking, individual salesman sales analysis graphs and contact management information.

  • A customer can have several scheduled shipment dates for an order and Answers will automatically process each shipment and order the products if necessary when they are needed.

  • Credit card orders can be processed directly from the order entry screen.
  • EDI flat files can be automatically read into the system without manual reentry. 

  • Kits (consisting of several stock items) are exploded on customer picking tickets for delivery.  Invoices show the kit description and price but not the detail.  Kits can be modified online during order entry offering tremendous flexibility.

  • Customer or competitor's stock numbers can be entered directly or through EDI and your stock number will be retrieved.  Both numbers will be printed on the invoice.

  • Serial numbers are printed for selected items and then tracked for historical purposes. Serial number information is available on reports and screen displays.

  • A complete invoice history can be displayed for work performed by a service department.  The history shows all invoices for repairs to a particular serial number. 

  • Sales tax for several jurisdictions is calculated and accumulated.  Different tax rates can be charged for the same item based on the customer.

  • Customer number, ship-to, sales history and item searches can be performed during sales order entry.

  • Backorder pick tickets can be automatically printed when stock is received.

  • Customer invoice history can be displayed during order entry and selected items can be inserted into the current order automatically.

  • Invoices and pick tickets can be printed immediately upon entry of the sales order

  • Blanket contract pricing and tracking is performed automatically by Answers.

  • A customer can place orders on your web page and they can be processed without reentry.

  • Tight credit control with credit manager approval is available.

Key Order Processing Features

Email / Fax Quote Forms

Email / Fax Order Acknowledgements

Scheduled Shipments

Easily View and Duplicate past Invoice History

On-the-Fly Kits

UPS Worldship Integration

View Order Processing Screens