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Payroll Overview

ANSWERS helps you handle hourly and salaried compensation efficiently and smoothly.  The system calculates pay based on an hourly rate and hours worked or a fixed salary.  Several pay types are available. 

Withholding taxes are automatically calculated and fixed deductions are deducted from the gross pay.  The check is calculated for each employee on the display terminal while you enter time information.  This allows you to see exactly how each check will be printed without having to wait on a batch proof report. 

Any calculated pay, deduction or tax can be overridden during time input allowing great flexibility in payroll entry.  The system accommodates multiple companies and multiple payroll periods within your company. 

Multiple state taxes are also included.  A check reconciliation subsystem verifies paychecks that cleared the bank and maintains a file of outstanding checks.  Both pay types and deductions can be excluded from one or all mandatory taxes.

Pay types and deductions can be coded with IRS codes so they appear in the proper boxes on the employee's W-2.

With Answers Payroll System, your payroll processing will be a streamline operation providing a wealth of information for management decisions and employee's questions.


  • Multiple companies and multiple payroll periods per company are accommodated.

  • All withholding taxes are automatically calculated with the ability to exempt certain income, such as a 401 K plan, from taxes.  Multiple state taxes are accommodated.

  • An employee's complete payroll check is calculated on the display screen when an employee's time is entered.

  • A detailed history of all employee checks for the year is available on the display screen.

  • User abbreviations for pay types and deductions are allowed.

  • You can enter new state and federal withholding tax tables and FICA rates and limits in the system without a program change.

  • An optional interface is available for Answer's Job Cost module in which an employee's time can be charged to an operation within a job and transferred to payroll automatically.

  • A check reconciliation subsystem tracks all outstanding and returned checks.

  • Payroll checks can be voided easily by simply entering the check number.

  • Multiple checks for an employee can be written for the same pay period.

  • Answers Payroll module interfaces with the General Ledger module for payroll general ledger distribution information.

  • Employee pay information can be exported into a standard NACHA file for direct deposit.

Key Payroll Features

Direct Deposit

Check Reconciliation


Detailed Employee Inquiry and Reporting

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