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Purchasing Management Overview

Purchasing for large inventories is not easy.  Buyers need to make accurate decisions quickly.  With Answers, buyers can quickly issue purchase orders based on sound factual information.

Answers provides buyers with a wealth of statistics that assist in the decision process.  Inventory turn rates, customer service level and lost sales are just a few of the facts available to assist in the purchasing function.

Answers prints and tracks purchase orders for stock or nonstock inventory items.  The system is integrated with Inventory Management to provide extremely efficient method of purchasing.

Multiple vendor part number and pricing information can be maintained for a single inventory item.  A vendor classification report shows the performance of each product line by vendor.

Purchase order display screens show suggested purchase orders to a buyer.  Past sales history for 24 months and detailed vendor purchases history for each item are available at the touch of key when the suggested purchase order is being reviewed.

Customer sales information for each item can be displayed during the purchase order review process.  A buyer can quickly modify and issue the purchase order based on a wealth of history information available instantly.  A buyer can also let an order build for a period of time until vendor minimums are reached.

Answers includes tools which assist in tracking and expediting purchase orders.  A revised delivery date request form can automatically be faxed to a vendor at the touch of a key eliminating many time consuming calls checking the status of purchase orders.


  • Purchase orders can be faxed or emailed directly from the computer or printed.


  • A 24 month sales history by item and past vendor purchases history can be displayed instantly while a suggested purchase order is being reviewed.


  • A suggested purchase order can be automatically increases within a % of order point by the system to meet minimum dollar or weight requirements for a vendor if desired.


  • Open purchase order information by vendor, inventory item, and by customer is available on system displays or reports.


  • A daily purchase order register is printed which includes the detail of all purchase orders issued that day with the total dollar amount of all purchase orders.


  • A detailed inventory transaction history can be displayed or printed providing information similar to a Kardex record, but with no extra posting effort.


  • Vendor part numbers can be printed on the purchase order along with your number if they are different.


  • The system updates item on order quantities when a purchase order is produced and relieves on order quantities when stock is received.


  • Purchase order prices are automatically checked with vendor invoice prices.


  • An inactive inventory report identifies dead or slow moving stock.


  • Customer stock numbers or competitor's numbers can be used to cross reference your stock numbers.


Key Purchasing Features

Suggested Purchase Orders

Email / Fax Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Acknowledgement Requests

Open Purchase Order Review

Purchasing Workcenter

P/O Hot List Expediter

Inactive Inventory Review

Alternate Purchasing Vendors

View Purchasing Screens