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Sales Analysis Overview

Answers captures valuable sales information for important management reporting.  The information is captured as a by-product of processing sales orders through the Order Processing system.

At the completion of each day's processing, detailed sales information is used to produce daily reports and valuable management reports at the end of each month.  Sales information is presented in several report formats and in different reporting sequences.

Answers has a comprehensive salesman commission subsystem which calculates salesman commission on each invoice and produces a commission statement at the end of each month.

You will have the information to make important marketing decisions in the areas of product class performance, customer buying patterns and salesman productivity.


  • Dramatic pie, line and bar graphs are displayed instantly showing sales and gross margin trends for 24 monthly periods.

  • Sales comparisons between the current period and year-to-date and the same period last year are available in a variety of reports and formats.

  •  Sales information is reported individually by warehouse.


  • Answers provides sales information by salesman, department (product class) and customer.


  • Sales variances between different periods are calculated both dollar and percentage terms.


  • Sales commissions are automatically calculated by invoice and printed on a commission report at the end of the month.


  • Commissions can be based on sales or gross margin.  Each salesman can have a different commission percentage that can vary by product class.


  • Customer sales and profitability information is available on screen displays in addition to reports.


  • Salesman and product class information is available in both summary and detail form.


  • Counter (will call) sales are reported on a daily bases.


  • Range options are available for several reports allowing you to print all or selected records for product class, customer and salesman information.


  • A business analysis display shows sales and gross margin information daily.


Key Sales Analysis Features

Salesman's Workcenter

24 Month History by Salesman, Customer, and Department, and Warehouse

Colorful Sales Graphs

Customer Buying Pattern Analysis

View Sales Analysis Screens